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These are the stories of real women who heard about I-REMOVE’s clinical results, and wanted to know if it could truly work for them. After putting I-REMOVE to the test for 12 weeks, their results were undeniable. Hear the accounts of their weight loss journeys, and learn how these women changed their bodies and improved their health.

"I finally decided to put myself first, and that's when my weight-loss journey began…It is working out, it is eating healthy, it is doing what you need to do to put yourself at the priority. I-REMOVE has been the the cherry on top of my weight-loss process. It has allowed me to…feel like—in this culture where we are so revolved around food—that I wasn't missing out, and that was a big, big deal for me…I-REMOVE is definitely worth the investment. I think everybody should try I-REMOVE."

Melissa lost 31 pounds

Salt Lake City

I-REMOVE Before and After Melissa

"I-REMOVE has been an instrumental part in my weight loss. 20 pounds in 12 weeks…The thing that has impressed me the most…is the fact that it’s an easy thing for me to do. I don't have to rearrange my life to make it happen. The simplicity for a working mom - definitely the best thing. As a single mom, the only persons that I answer to are my family, but I've learned that mostly, I need to answer to myself."

Jenna lost 20 pounds

Salt Lake City

I-REMOVE Before and After Jenna

"What made me want to try I-REMOVE is I had already done fitness on my own, I had eaten pretty healthy, and I wasn't getting the results I wanted. I had never tried a health supplement before, and I wanted to see if it really would make a difference…I've got the results I’ve wanted a lot faster, and a lot sooner with putting the same effort into my routine…Within the first two weeks I was feeling my clothes feel a little bit looser and going ‘Wow! It's only been two weeks, and, you know, I've been taking this for a while now, but I’m a new person in my new body, and I love it!"

Katy lost 21 pounds

Salt Lake City

I-REMOVE Before and After Katy

"I-REMOVE helped me in my weight-loss journey in that it really has allowed me to enjoy the simple pleasures of food. I-REMOVE brand philosophy really rings true to my heart in the sense that they are not out to sell a magic pill. It's important for people to understand that in order to have a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight, you have to make changes. You have to make sure that you have all the tools you need in your toolbox to maintain your healthy lifestyle."

Angie lost 4 pounds

Salt Lake City

I-REMOVE Testimonials Angie

I-REMOVE helped these women lose weight, let it help you lose weight too.

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I-REMOVE 30-Day Supply

I-REMOVE is a clinically-tested, plant-based supplement designed to multiply the weight-loss results of your healthy lifestyle. When you take I-REMOVE after each meal, you’re making a conscious decision to work with your body to reduce the absorption of calories from fat. The clinical results say it all: up to 3x more weight loss than dieting alone.