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“The Math” of bmiSMART™ Weight Wellness

Published: Dec 28th, 2015

Salt Lake City, UT (December 28, 2015) In anticipation of its January 2016 Weight Wellness product launch, bmiSMART™ reports that much of what Americans think about exercise and weight loss is challenged by simple math.

When you subtract the calories burned exercising from the calories consumed in the typical American diet, the conclusion is: Most people can’t exercise long enough or hard enough for exercise alone to make a significant contribution to weight loss!

That discrepancy is part of the reason InQpharm™—developer of the bmiSMART™ Weight Wellness product family—committed its team of scientists, researchers, and weight loss experts to develop products based on real science to work with the way people live, thus developing healthy weight wellness habits and sustainable results.

And those results are self-evident: For the past four years, the bmiSMART™ science developed by InQpharm™ has been key to the #1 best-selling weight loss products in Europe.

And as of January 2016, that same science is available in the U.S. as bmiSMART™.

Exercise is important, but….

Exercise is important. It helps build muscle, keeps joints from freezing up, contributes to mood improvements, and promotes cardiovascular wellness in addition to other physical, emotional, and mental benefits. (Not to mention that the more you do it, the better you look in yoga pants!)

It also burns off fat. But most of us can’t exercise long enough or hard enough to compensate for the excess calories typically consumed in the average American diet.

Do the math…

A popular single portion frozen chicken pot pie adds nearly a thousand calories to a meal…and that’s assuming you don’t make a dessert of one of the delicious single serving frozen fruit pies made by the same company…which will add another thousand!

(To be fair, the company says the pies are “2 servings” each…but do you know anybody who looks at “portion size” on a label when a single, small pot pie is put on their plate?)

So, how long will you need to exercise to burn off all those delectable calories? Depends. If you jog at a steady, cardiovascular-efficient rate, you can burn off one of the two portions in about an hour and a half. Three hours to unload the whole pie. The first one. The second is going to take another couple of hours. And you’ve accounted for only one meal of the day!

So, who do you know who runs three to five hours a day? That’s right: the kid down the street who got the scholarship to Duke. Not most of the people you know. (Probably not you.)

So, what to do? If getting rid of calories with exercise requires the dedication and qualifications of an Olympic runner, what’s the alternative?

Simply put: the best way to block the pounds is to block the calories…in addition to burning them off with a good exercise regimen.

bmiSMART™ About Calories

bmiSMART™ is not a diet pill, not a stimulant, not a metabolic enhancer designed to burn calories once they get into you. Rather, based on the science that created the leading weight loss product in Europe, bmiSMART™ provides a supplemental system that triggers a block between you and the fat and carbohydrate calories you consume…and encourages you to consume less of them through sensible programs of diet and exercise.

While diet pills presume to reduce your appetite and metabolic enhancers presume to burn off the calories once they already are exploding into your system, bmiSMART™ stop-blocks a portion of the sugars and fats before they even have a chance to make you…well, less weight well!

Combined with the bmiSMART™ recommendation of healthy eating and exercise (for all the benefits exercise provides other than weight loss), bmiSMART™ weight wellness is based on science that understands who you are and helps you to become who you want to be.

bmiSMART™: The Mission

InQpharm™ is a global life sciences company that develops healthcare products derived from natural ingredients through the combination of science and technology. In 2016 InQpharm™ launches direct to American consumers the weight wellness family of bmiSMART™ products. bmiSMART™ innovative weight wellness solutions nourish, protect, and improve lives through products based on scientific testing of unique triggers that protect the body from unwanted fat, carbohydrates, and calories. bmiSMART™ North American offices are in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Managing Director David Mastroianni leads a committed team of weight wellness bioneers promoting the proven science of InQpharm™.

bmi = Body Mass Index (quantifies healthy vs. unhealthy weight ranges)

Healthy BMI = 18-25

Overweight = 25-30

Obese = 30+

SMART = Intelligent; able to vary action in response to varying situations

also impertinent; as in refusing to accept established norms, truisms, or failed solutions

also appearance; as in “That’s a really smart look” or “That’s bmiSMART™!”

bmiSMART™ = Smart Weight Loss & Healthy Weight Maintenance through bmiSMART™ Weight Wellness

* * *

for more information contact:

Clifton H. Jolley, Ph.D.


(214) 497-0084