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bmiSMART "Premieres" in Park City, UT

Published: Mar 8th, 2016

Launching Weight Wellness World Famous Film Festival

Park City, UT—When “Birth of a Nation” star Penelope Ann Miller dropped by the bmiSMART display, there was no way of knowing the film would walk away with both the Grand Jury and Audience Prizes as well as promote a bidding contest between Fox Searchlight and Netflix for distribution…a contest won by Fox with a record offer of $17.5 million.

Another of the “firsts” was the introduction of the bmiSMART Weight Wellness products which are now available for the first time in the U.S. after four years of the bmiSMART proprietary formula powering the #1 weight loss product group in Europe.

Among the other celebrities who walked away with bmiSMART products were Lisa Edelstein, star of “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce,”; Tim Daly, co-star of the NBC-TV series “Madam Secretary; ”Jared Harris, who starred on the award-winning “Mad Men” and the infamous Moriarity in “Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows”; Emmy nominated Bradley Whitford, who starred in “The West Wing” and other TV and film productions; as well as stars from the new media of the Internet, including Vine and YouTube. And what premiere in Utah would be complete without a visit from one of the Osmond Family, an expectation fulfilled by Nathan Osmond, a personal friend of our bmiSMART host, Shannon Engemann.

Also “premiering” in Park City was the new hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Mirai, located just around the corner from bmiSMART in the MTV MusicLodge where performers like Grammy-nominated Andra Day kept the celebrities singing and the crowd jumping.

(You can see more bmiSMART celebrity photos in the bmiSMART Celebrity Photo Album.)

Weight Wellness Premiere

One of the questions many celebrities asked was, “How do I stay on a diet when I’m so often eating from a Craft Services food truck?” That isn’t much different from the question many of us need answered in a world that more and more is lived on the move, with a phone in one hand and a sandwich in the other.

Part of the answer is being Mindful, which is a big part of bmiSMART Weight Wellness. Enjoy bmiSMART products along with a healthy diet and exercise, and for those occasions when you allow yourself a “cheat” meal, bmiSMART can help your weight management by reducing what you eat, as well as blocking a portion of the calories you’ve consumed from carbs and fat.

I-REMOVE™ I-REMOVE is powered by Litramine™, a scientifically-developed and clinically-demonstrated effective ingredient that literally removes fat from the digestive process. The product binds fat into molecules too large to be absorbed, thus optimizing the Weight Wellness benefits of a reduced fat diet.

I-BLOCK™ I-BLOCK’s proprietary active ingredient Tanitol™ reduces the absorption of calories from carbs and sugars. The naturally-derived formula has been demonstrated to increase weight loss by as much as 400% over dieting and exercise alone.

I-CONTROL™ I-CONTROL contains Redusure™, a proprietary ingredient formulated from plant-based fibers. In clinical trials, 94% of participants in clinical trials reported a pleasant “feeling of fullness” after consuming Redusure.

Premiere Your Own Weight Wellness Campaign: bmiSMART-er

bmiSMART is the smarter way to Weight Wellness. Now you can say “yes” to celebrations following that first place award…or your daughter’s soccer game. Enjoy I-CONTROL and I-BLOCK before your treats, deserts, and meals. And be sure to follow fats with I-REMOVE. All of which may be purchased direct from bmiSMART.com.

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