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bmiSMART™ Launches Weight Wellness Products and Campaign

Published: Dec 18th, 2015

bmiSMART ProductsSalt Lake City, UT (December 15, 2015) Let’s face facts: from Thanksgiving through to New Year’s, the holidays are about food! Cakes, cookies, and an abundance of everything else. When Americans talk about celebrating, we never talk about moderation.

That’s why New Year’s Resolutions so often focus on weight loss, and the health club gym industry focuses on January as one of its biggest sales months. This in spite of the fact that recent science and simple math reveal that exercise alone is one of the least effective and most likely to be frustrating ways to attempt weight loss.

Math or Myth?

Exercise is good for you: it’s good for your cardiovascular system, it can improve your mood, and it may help get you into those yoga pants. But simple addition reveals “exercise weight loss” is more myth than math. And you don’t need logarithms or a computer to figure it out. The math is simple:

  • Bread Stuffing (300+ calories per serving of bread stuffing)
  • Pumpkin Pie (more than 500 calories if you intend to have a dollop of whipped cream)
  • Candied Yams (coming in at a "low calorie" count of 250 calories)
  • A couple of cups of eggnog (depending on howgoodit is, can approach 1,000 calories!)

Just those four take you to nearly 2,000 calories even before you get to the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, holiday cookies and candy, and…well, you get the picture!

InQpharm™, the developer of weight loss ingredients that have been the number one European best sellers for the past four years, reports that not only is this kind of “calorie math” important to understanding healthy weight management, it also explains why the U.S. bmiSMART™ launch of InQpharm™products in January 2016 is so important to “The Math” bmiSMART™ identifies as weight wellness.

The Crisis

Seven out of 10 Americans are overweight. A third of us are clinically obese. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. is more than $190 billion a year. That’s more than we spend on education.

U.S. obesity is so commonly accepted as “epidemic” that we don’t even wonder why. The clinical definition of an “epidemic”—a rapidly spreading disease condition—is justified for obesity by its direct link to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and dozens of other life-threatening diseases.

The U.S. Cancer Institute now lists obesity ahead of cigarettes as a precursor for cancer.

The Paradox

While we may not know the numbers, our desire to look good and be healthier and happier has driven sales of weight loss products in the U.S. to more than $61 billion a year.

But the paradox is that as sales of purported “solutions” increase, so does obesity!

Why? Because diet pills don’t work! Or they work short term, participating in the well-documented “yo-yo syndrome” of modest weight loss followed by even greater weight gain.

The Failure

The reason for the staggering failure of OTCs (over-the-counter medicine), dietary supplements, and prescription pharmaceuticals intended to treat obesity is two-fold:

  1. Manypills and potions aren't properly tested in clinical research settings to ensure safety and efficacy.
  2. Most weight-loss products don't reflect the reality of the way people live and eat. Because while studies are designed to test products, people are trying to lose weightin the real world, in their real lives, not in a structured research setting.

Pills Don’t Work

Each year more than 45 million Americans go on a diet to lose weight.

Low protein, high protein, liquid protein.

Low carbs, no carbs, grapefruit, raw.

And pills, capsules, caplets.

And more pills.

We read the latest best sellers, subscribe to the best selling workout videos, and hope the elliptical trainer we bought on closeout doesn’t blow-out our joints.

We swallow pills and shakes and rely on caffeine and other stimulants to help us “feel” as though something is working.

And even if we do lose a few pounds, the first few weeks are miserable: Hunger pangs. Headaches. Jitteriness. Lethargy. Deprivation.

No wonder most of us ‘cheat’ and have trouble “sticking to the program.”

The Pattern of Programmed Failure = Deprivation, Guilt, Failed Commitment

Thursday night. You’re at lunch with some friends at a favorite restaurant. Naughty-you decides to skip the salad and have the steak special du jour. By the end of the meal, the dessert tray comes around and—knowing that you already ‘blew’ your diet—you order the cheesecake.

Friday Morning. You wake up with a pound of beef in your gut and a sugar hangover, guilty and depressed. But you soldier on, recommitting to restart your diet…the following Monday, giving you free license to pig out over the weekend.

This cycle of depravation, guilt, and recommitment can go on throughout a lifetime. Even if you get lucky and shed the pounds, you find them creeping back over time.

Because of flawed methodologies and products that aren’t formulated with the average lifestyle in mind, Stanford University reports that 95% of crash dieters gain back the weight lost.

New Product for a New Pattern: bmiSMART™!

Doing the same thing while expecting different results is just crazy!

That’s why InQpharm™—an innovation-driven specialty pharmaceutical company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur—committed its team of scientists, researchers, and weight loss experts to developing real-world weight wellness products that produce real-life results. Since debuting in Europe, the products—which are a union of nature with science—have become the #1 best-selling brand for the past four consecutive years!

New Science = New Results

bmiSMART™ products are not typical diet pills.

All are formulated from natural plant sources.

None contain any potentially harmful stimulants or artificial ingredients.

And bmiSMART™ science has been proven by rigorous clinical trials for safety and efficacy.

In fact, bmiSMART™ products aren’t diet pills! They don’t work the way diet pills work, which means they don’t fail the way diet pills fail!

bmiSMART™ products are a new class of customizable, flexible, nutritional tools to promote rather than defeat your weight wellness goals.

New Pattern = Program for Success!

Thursday night. You’re at lunch with some friends at a favorite restaurant. Smart, mindful you decides to skip the salad and have the steak du jour…but followed by bmiSMART™ I-Remove™ Fat Binder. So, by the end of the meal when the dessert tray comes around, you know you reduced the calories absorbed from the steak by taking I-Remove™ after you ate, and—knowing your weight loss commitment hasn’t been defeated—you skip the cheesecake and appreciate how good the steak tasted!

Friday: You wake up with confidence, happy you didn’t deprive yourself last night, and committed to continue your efforts to eat healthy and keep going until you reach your goal weight. You decide to take a hike over the weekend and maybe treat yourself Saturday night to a small scoop of ice cream…after you have supplemented with bmiSMART™ I-Block™ Carb & Sugar Blocker.

bmiSMART™ is the mindful way to lose weight. And keep it off. Isn’t that a smarter way to achieve weight wellness?

bmiSMART™: The Mission

InQpharm™ is a global life sciences company that develops natural healthcare products through the combination of science with nature and technology. In 2016 InQpharm™ launches direct to American consumers the weight wellness family of bmiSMART products. bmiSMART™ innovative weight wellness solutions nourish, protect, and improve lives through products based on scientific testing of unique triggers that protect the body from unwanted fat, carbohydrates, and calories. bmiSMART™ North American offices are in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Managing Director David Mastroianni leads a committed team of weight wellness bioneers promoting the proven science of InQpharm™.

bmi = Body Mass Index (quantifies healthy vs. unhealthy weight ranges)
Healthy BMI = 18-25
Overweight = 25-30
Obese = 30+

SMART = Intelligent; able to vary action in response to varying situations
also impertinent; as in refusing to accept established norms, truisms, or failed solutions
also appearance; as in “That’s a really smart look” or “That’s bmiSMART!”

bmiSMART™ = Smart Weight Loss & Healthy Weight Maintenance through bmiSMART™ Weight Wellness

* * *

for more information contact:

Clifton H. Jolley, Ph.D.


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