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bmiSMART Helps Mothers Mindfully Enjoy Mother's Day Celebrations

Published: May 2nd, 2016

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (May 2, 2016) A key element of the bmiSMART Weight Wellness campaign is "Mindfulness." And let's face it, "mindlessness" often leads to snacking on high-calorie, low-nutrition foods that can defeat your weight management goals.

The bmiSMART™ Mindful Weight Wellness philosophy is:

  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise regularly
  • Be aware of what you're eating
  • Manage your calorie consumption
  • …and supplement with bmiSMART

A "Special Day" Need Not Defeat Your Weight Wellness Goals

What's a mother to do when her family wants to treat her to "something special?" Especially when "special" never means a "nutritious meal."

In fact, it used to mean veering off track and then struggling (and often failing) to get back on track the day after.

Which is why bmiSMART Mindful Weight Wellness turns momentary departures from healthy eating into stress-free smart calories rather than goal-defeating failures.

bmiSMART: A Weight Wellness Gift You Give Yourself

bmiSMART products not only help you eat less, they act to help your body absorb fewer calories from sugar, carbohydrates, and fat.


I-REMOVE removes fat from the digestive process. By binding with some of the fat molecules, it creates molecules too large to be fully absorbed so they pass through and are naturally removed from your body. That way, you can enjoy that "special steak" with your family and still avoid some of the fat by taking your I-REMOVE afterwards.


I-BLOCK reduces the absorption of calories from carbs and sugars. The plant-based formula has been demonstrated to increase weight loss by as much as 397% over dieting and exercise alone. So, go ahead and enjoy something delicious for dessert on your special day—but be sure to enjoy I-BLOCK first!


I-CONTROL is formulated from plant-based fibers. In clinical trials, 94% of participants reported a pleasant "feeling of fullness" after consuming I-Control. So, if you're headed to a smorgasbord with your family, be sureI-BLOCK is the first thing on your menu!

bmiSMART-er About Your Mother's Day Celebration

With bmiSMART, you can say "yes" to your Mother's Day celebration without saying "no" to keeping your Weight Wellness goals.

Just enjoy I-CONTROL and I-BLOCK before your treats, desserts, and meals. And be sure to follow that steak dinnerwith I-REMOVE.

That way, the day after Mother's Day will be as happy as the Mother's Day, and you won't have to psych yourself up to start your weight wellness plan all over again.

* * *

For more information contact:

Sharon Benedict

Director of Marketing Communications

InQpharm North America