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I-REMOVE has been clinically tested
to effectively and consistently aid in achieving
real weight loss.

I-REMOVE Clinical Studies


I-REMOVE has been clinically tested to effectively and consistently aid in achieving real weight loss.

I-REMOVE uses Litramine to help with Weight Loss

The proprietary ingredient found in I-REMOVE, Litramine, is derived from Opuntia ficus-indica, otherwise known as nopal cactus or prickly pear cactus. InQpharm's proprietary technology significantly increases the fat-binding properties of this ingredient, resulting in an efficacy that is unmatched by similar products--up to 9 times more effective than standard nopal cactus supplements.

  1. Litramine works by using a combination of insoluble and soluble fibers to bind and eliminate the fat.
  2. These fibers are responsible for binding the dietary fats in the meal. This action creates fiber complexes that are too large to be absorbed and are expelled.
  3. Binds up to 28% of dietary fat, an efficacy that no other supplement on the market has achieved.
How I-REMOVE Works
I-REMOVE vs. Placebo

In a 12 week double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled human clinical trial, subjects taking Litramine three times daily after meals lost 3x more weight than the group taking the placebo pill.

Because the ability to maintain weight loss is a critical component of healthy weight loss, InQpharm conducted a separate study on the ability of Litramine to help participants maintain their weight loss for a period of six months. This study was a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study with 49 participant results.

Clinical Studies

Clinical Summary

Clinical Research Summary

A summary of three I-REMOVE clinical studies demonstrating the product's effect on weight loss, weight maintenance, and fat absorption.

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Weight Loss

Clinical Study: Weight Loss

Published in Obesity Journal: A 12-week clinical study demonstrated that those taking I-REMOVE with Litramine lost up to three times more weight and significantly reduced body fat in comparison with the placebo group.

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Weight Maintenance

Clinical Study: Weight Maintenance

A 6-month clinical study showed that those taking I-REMOVE kept the weight off, and even continued losing weight, while the placebo group gained weight.

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Fat Absorption

Clinical Study: Fat Absorption

A clinical study established that I-REMOVE eliminates up to 28% of the fat in the food people eat.

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