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Who is bmiSMART?

Written by Mandie Caraway

Published on Dec 15th, 2015

Every day, 45 million Americans diet to lose weight. Collectively, we spend 62 billion dollars each year on products to help us. And most of us DO lose weight. But, within one year, about 70 percent of us gain it back, and within two, 98 percent of us weigh more than when we started our diet program.

As a nation, we’re spending plenty of time, money and effort on achieving healthy weight. Why isn’t it paying off? For a long time, the conversation focused on debating dietary approaches. Should we cut carbs or fats? Should we strive to eat more like our caveman ancestors? What is the “right” plan?

Maybe it’s time to shift the conversation.  Perhaps the BEST plan is the one YOU can incorporate permanently. Perhaps the key lies in an approach that does not interfere with, but rather complements your lifestyle, with enough flexibility to accommodate both the routine and the unexpected.

Research gives credence to this idea. One USDA study compared several well-known diets, tracking weight and other health metrics over a year. Researchers found it didn’t matter so much which diet participants followed, only that they followed it for the entire year and reduced overall calorie intake. Researchers also noted the success of participants who selected calorie restriction programs that didn’t “conflict with one’s natural affinities for specific allowable foods.”

In other words—long-term sustainable “diets” are about realistic, long-term changes. Not depravation.  

That’s where we come in. bmiSMART offers a new class of customizable, flexible tools to help you reduce calories from fat or carbohydrates, or to curb overeating. Our system of SMART supplements represents the best health-technology available: therapeutic compounds developed from nature-based ingredients; environmentally-conscious practices; and rigorous clinical testing for safety and effectiveness.

At bmiSMART, we believe…

  • that utilizing advanced science and technologies to develop natural supplements that work with your body is the safer and more effective long-term alternative to drugs
  • that the healthy food and nutritional choices you make today have the potential to extend to a lifetime of mindful habits and weight wellness
  • that adherence to strict, regimented diets and the consumption of artificial stimulants can be effective for temporary weight-loss, but are unsustainable and incompatible with the real, lifelong body change you desire
  • that by setting achievable daily goals to think about the foods you eat and how they affect your weight, you, in turn, create the healthy and sustainable building blocks to construct a lifetime of weight wellness


bmiSMART Weight Loss Supplements Open Packet Hand


    Finally, we believe in you and your investment in yourself; as you cultivate a healthier lifestyle by eating well and exercising, bmiSMART is designed to work with your body to help you go further and work “smarter” toward weight wellness.

    We call this approach: Healthy Weight. The Mindful Way.™Thanks for reading our very first blog post! We’re grateful for your interest and support, and we hope to make this the beginning of a beneficial, ongoing conversation. Stay tuned for more.


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