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True confessions of a clinically obese health seeker

Written by Amber Bignell

Published on May 24th, 2016

How I took a stand against menopausal weight gain

I swore I’d never let my weight inch north of 200, but one day in my late 40’s, I found myself staring down at a terrifying number on the bathroom scale.

212 lbs. I was clinically obese by any standard.

How had this happened? I was 28 pounds heavier than the last time I had weighed myself. In between, I had started taking estrogen and other bio-identical hormones to help me through menopause.

It was as if someone had injected me during my sleep with jello shots. My biceps sagged, back fat became a reality, and a rubbery jiggly tire swelled up around my stomach, making bending over to tie my shoes strangely difficult.

And forget yoga. There would be no downward facing dogs with this inflated raft around my stomach.

I’m a stubborn person who has a healthy ability to deny reality. I told myself these pounds were nothing more than a menopausal version of PMS weight gain and would leave as quickly as they had come. I bought a bra extender and decided to wait it out.

Needless to say, I had grossly underestimated the power of chemical signals to pack on pounds.

In time, I had to search out the plus size section of my favorite clothing stores. I started buying online, ashamed of the number on the tag. I managed to ignore the surprise on friends’ faces who saw me for the first time since “the gain.”

Then there was that moment, that “I’ve-gotta-take-a-stand-and-lose this-damn-weight moment. The realization that, unless I did something drastic, those pounds weren’t going anywhere. I committed to slashing my calories, giving up alcohol, and walking every day for 45 minutes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know then what I know now about bmiSMART.

Zoom forward an entire year. Weight loss. 1.2 lbs. Weight gain during frustrated I-can’t-do-this-anymore fits. 5.4 lbs. Total weight gain. 4.2 lbs. After a grueling year of sticking to it, I had failed to lose the weight. I had become an obesity epidemic statistic. A middle-aged cliché.

Then one of my surprised friends introduced me to bmiSMART (thank you Peggy). Here was a system designed to accelerate the efforts of people like me who were already dieting and exercising, but hadn’t seen results.

I was a sceptic, and I was too exhausted by the past year’s failure to raise my hopes again. “These products have been clinically tested,” Peggy said. “They might be just want you need to tip the scales in your favor for a change.”

I decided to read the clinical studies just to poke holes in them.

First, I was surprised that they were double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled studies involving hundreds of overweight and obese participants, and they were published in peer-reviewed journals.

Then, when I read the study on I-REMOVE’s proprietary ingredient, Litramine™, it struck me, I had been like one of the poor suckers in the placebo group. The ones working hard, dieting and exercising, whose weight loss was so minimal, they gave up their efforts after the 14-week study concluded. What would have happened, I thought, if I had been in the Litramine group, losing up to a pound a week with no additional effort?

Could my year of struggle have resulted in an astonishing 50+ lbs weight loss?

How would I feel weighing in at 166 lbs instead of 216 lbs?

A quote from Oprah comes to mind. “I’ve been poor and I’ve been rich, and let me tell ya, rich is better.” Well, I’ve been fit, and I’ve been fat, and fit is definitely my preferred way to live my life.

This wasn’t a miracle pill approach. I still had to diet and exercise. But since I started taking bmiSMART products daily, the journey downward has begun. I’ve been taking bmiSMART’s I-REMOVE and I-BLOCK (with the occasional I-CONTROL in the evening to curb late-night snacking) for seven weeks now and have lost my first 10 pounds.

Friends are just starting to notice, and now I smile when they see me. Just wait till they see me a year from now. 

weight loss bmiSMART obesity epidemic

A grateful bmiSMART customer,

Sharon B.