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Three cheers for fit fathers

Written by Amber Bignell

Published on Jun 15th, 2016

All you wives and mothers understand that once we have children, hubby’s health gets shoved to back of mind. While we might stay up all night holding a wet cloth to the forehead of a feverish child, peeling the carrots we pack into their lunch boxes, and driving blocks out of our way so they don’t spot those golden arches on the way home from school, we often leave dads to their own devices. Unfortunately, these devices often involve too much pizza, cheese, beer and chips.

Luckily you don’t need to be a wonder wife to make a real difference to your husband’s health. The fact is, most men (93%) rely on the women in their households to make the grocery decisions (Pew Research 2012), which in turn, impacts how healthy the entire family eats. So, next time you hit the grocery aisles, here’s 3 truths that will help you steer him towards healthier outcomes.

  1. A 20-minute workout does NOT offset a trip to Pizza Hut, especially when the pizza includes a six-pack. Research shows that reduced caloric intake, not increased exercise, is the fastest, most reliable way to lose weight.
  2. Martini onions do not count as vegetables. If your husband is not a veggie lover, disguise them in pureed sauces or blend them into morning smoothies. He’ll never know but his waistband will thank you.
  3. Even accountants have a hard time counting calories. If your husband’s math skills decline when it comes to counting the day's calories, help him out with reduced portions on smaller plates. But here’s the real trick, put the leftovers away in the fridge before you start your meal. That way, his tendency to go back for seconds and thirds declines considerably.

    Bottom line? Husband and fathers want to look good and feel healthy, but they don’t want to drive themselves crazy with the guesswork and parlor tricks often involved in losing weight.

    This Father’s Day, give him the gift that will help him stay on track without having to worry about the occasional piece of pizza or office doughnut.

    Here’s how the system works.


    I-REMOVE removes fat from the digestive process. By binding with some of the fat molecules, it creates molecules too large to be fully absorbed so they pass through and are naturally removed from your body. That way, he can block the fat absorption of that tasty Father’s Day bar-b-que or steak and focus on being with the family, not keeping to a diet. Have him take I-REMOVE immediately after the meal for best results. 


    I-BLOCK reduces the absorption of calories from carbs and sugars. The plant-based formula has been demonstrated to increase weight loss by as much as 397% over dieting and exercise alone (oh man, is he going to love you!). So, go ahead and let him enjoy that cheesecake, but be sure to I-BLOCK it first! (I-BLOCK should be taken 30 minutes prior to the meal.) 


    I-CONTROL is formulated from plant-based fibers. In clinical trials, 94% of participants reported a pleasant "feeling of fullness" after consuming I-Control. To keep him from overdoing it, give him I-CONTROL™ between meals or an hour before the meal. 

    This simple bmiSMART system allows dads everywhere to eat their favorite things, especially on those special days (like Father’s Day!)… without feeling guilty or derailing their efforts towards maintaining a healthy weight. Love your man? Give him the gift of a healthy weight with bmiSMART’s system of weight wellness products.