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The Power of Sisterhood

Written by Mandie Caraway

Published on May 8th, 2017

These women achieved amazing results after 12 weeks of using I-REMOVE, eating healthy, and exercising. Most of all, they supported one another and kept each other accountable.

The top priority of the I-REMOVE team is to support our customers throughout their weight loss journey. That’s why we post healthy living tips and inspirational stories each week on our blog and social media channels.

Every woman on our team is on her own personal weight-loss journey. I, for one, have been yo-yo dieting for nearly 20 years. It’s so frustrating when you must continuously start over. We’ve all been there. That’s why we’re committed to helping you make this time different.

We realize that before we can empower you, we must first empower ourselves. That’s why we decided to hold a girl power summit in our office. We shared our favorite blogs, Facebook pages, and other healthy living resources. We talked about our personal struggles with weight loss and body image. And, we provided each other with the comfort of knowing that none of us are alone.

We concluded the summit by saying this empowerment mantra together:

I am strong

I am smart

I am brave

I am great

I am kind

I encourage you to take a moment right now to empower yourself. Close your eyes, clear your mind of doubts and negative thoughts, and then say this mantra aloud. Then, know you have the strength and power to overcome the next challenge tossed into your path. Know that you have a team of women behind you to support you the entire way!

By working together, we can achieve our goals. You got this!

Head over to our Facebook page and join the conversation. There you can get additional weight-loss tips and find a supportive community of women like you. Invite your friends to like our page as well!