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3 secret forms of diet sabotage you can change today

Written by Mandie Caraway

Published on Aug 9th, 2016

If you watch TV, you might be falling prey to these

1. Swap the coffee table for side tables

What’s between your couch and your TV?

Let me guess, a coffee table where you place your snacks and put your feet up? This is environmental sabotage. Luckily this form of sabotage is easy to fix. Simply add more space between your couch and your coffee table so it's easier to get off the couch, or, better yet, swap the coffee table for side tables. Make it easy on yourself to get up off the couch by moving the coffee table out of the way.

I’m the first to admit, this won’t always work with your design scheme, but if it does, you’ll notice a marked decrease of time spent in front of the TV (estimated at 23%).   

2. Get a yoga mat

You don’t even have to do yoga to pull off this weight-loss wonder. You just need the mat (this trick works even if you keep the coffee table, just find some room on the floor). Roll up your mat and tuck it out of site, but keep it handy so you can roll it back out whenever you realize you want to munch. Instead of eating, do this first. Lying Adduction 

You’ll be much less inclined to put food in your stomach if you’re tightening your core muscles in this simple exercise.

3. Eat meals with the TV off

Watching TV takes your mind off what you’re eating so your brain sends fewer fullness signals and you end up eating more. In fact, according to this Harvard study published in  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, any form of multitasking or distraction while you’re eating will decrease satiety (fullness) and increase calorie consumption.

The good news

You can still watch your favorite shows. Just don’t watch them while you’re eating off your coffee table, watch them while you’re getting in a few extra leg lifts instead.