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Mindfulness As A Means To Weight Wellness

Written by Amber Bignell

Published on Jan 25th, 2016

Restrictive diets and stimulating drug regiments dominate today’s popular weight loss solutions, but are they effective? The simple fact is that they don’t reflect the way we live, or the way we want to live. They are either unhealthy for long-term use or create an insurmountable food preparation challenge completely dissimilar to the pace of modern life.

Fed-up with the resulting pattern of weight loss followed by weight gain, there is a growing group of individuals choosing bmiSMART’s mindful approach to weight wellness. bmiSMART’s line of plant-based supplements encourage individuals to nurture a more purposeful and present relationship with food while offering the necessary flexibility to complement the fast-paced lifestyle implicit in the modern weight-loss journey.

For bmiSMART™, our Healthy Weight. The Mindful Way.™ tagline represents more than mental manifestation of weight loss in the metaphysical “now,” it encompasses our belief in the power of nature, advanced health-science technology and the conscientious individual to create a lifetime of healthy weight.

Mindful Weightloss Woman Beach Meditation

What is The Functional Relationship Between bmiSMART and Mindful Weight Loss?

The genesis of the bmiSMART Mindful Weight Loss concept comes from the manner in which the natural supplements are consumed with relation to food. Designed to be taken before, during or after meals, bmiSMART supplements engage individuals in the practice of “mindfully” choosing, then using the most effective “tool,” based on the real foods they plan to eat each day.

So, whether you need to reduce calories from fat, carbs or sugars, or want to avoid eating unneeded food between or during meals, there is a bmiSMART supplement to meet your needs, while simultaneously complementing the development of your mindful eating habits.

  • By taking I-BLOCK™ prior to eating, digestive enzymes are inhibited from breaking down carbohydrates and sugars. These indigestible components are eventually eliminated from the body, reducing absorbed calories from carbs and sugars.
  • By taking I-REMOVE™ after eating high-fat meals and snacks, the supplement binds fat from food to form a fat-fiber complex, which is too large to be absorbed and is eventually eliminated from the body.
  • By taking I-CONTROL™ before or between meals, the high-swelling fiber formula forms a viscous gel. The resulting gel promotes a pleasant feeling of fullness and is clinically tested to help reduce food intake.

Women Eating Weight Loss

Because bmiSMART’s unique formulas are tailored to fit identifiable “meal moments” within your day, the supplements encourage not just weight loss but also conscientious, habit-forming practices. This overlap between healthy diet and lifestyle forms the basis of bmiSMART’s definition of mindfulness.

For bmiSMART, Mindfulness Means:

  • Conscientious thinking before, during and after consuming meals and snacks;
  • Being aware of the sourcing, processing and nutritional components of the foods you eat;
  • Seeking a greater understanding of your food consumption patterns and behaviors;
  • Pursuing effective tools and information that help you maintain your healthy lifestyle;
  • Staying engaged and supporting yourself in the momentary decisions that form the composition of your weight wellness journey.

Is bmiSMART a Mindful Company?

An important element of mindfulness is responsibility. Here at bmiSMART, we take responsibility for the wellbeing of our employees, the health of our customers and the sustainability of our planet.

  • Our weight wellness supplements are formulated from naturally-derived plant extracts. We do not use artificial or synthetic ingredients.
  • Our products are thoroughly tested for consumer safety and supplement efficacy using third-party clinical research.
  • Our customers enjoy transparent access to product efficacy test results, suggested-use functionality, health-science and ingredient information.
  • Each plant harvested for use in bmiSMART products is selected based on its vitality, potency and farming practices.
  • All plants are grown on farms that use environmentally conscious farming methods.

Lose Weight in a Meaningful Way and Gain Lifelong Weight Wellness

Mindful weight loss is not just a buzz word, it is an opportunity for you to have a healthy, effective and lifelong relationship with your weight-loss journey. By engaging with the “Meal Moment,” you are creating a habit-forming base to inspire the development of an intelligent and meaningful approach to weight wellness. This is bmiSMART. And this is Healthy Weight. The Mindful Way.

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