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Meet Our Real Women Real Results Houston Ladies

Written by Mandie Caraway

Published on Mar 14th, 2017

Sylvia, Samantha, Lisa and Sarah

In January, bmiSMART welcomed a new set of hand-picked Brand Ambassadors from Houston, Texas.

 Lisa Hamilton, 51

Sylvia Jackson, 56

Samantha Pietrowski, 26

Sarah Smith, 42

 Our newest ambassadors have a lot of inspiration to offer anyone looking to start a weight loss journey. In their first four weeks of training, they have lost a collective total of 19.2 pounds and 18 inches. They’re working hard to not only change their dieting habits, but their lifestyles as well. They’re learning to prepare healthier meals, make working out effective and fun, and take time out each day to care for themselves.

 As bmiSMART Brand Ambassadors, the ladies are given a 12-week supply of I-REMOVE, which has been clinically tested to help them lose up to 3x more weight than dieting alone. They have access to a support group that includes a personal trainer and nutrition/life coach to answer questions about fitness, nutrition, and I-REMOVE, plus bmiSMART community coordinators for additional encouragement and advice on using I-REMOVE. They’re competing for a chance to win a cash prize, have a professional photo shoot (and keep the clothes!), and appear in bmiSMART commercials and print ads.

 One of the new ambassadors, Samantha, shared that she was a yo-yo dieter in the past. She said, “I would get in a grove and hit it hard and do really strict dieting and really intense workouts. It would be ok for a couple of weeks, then I would either feel like I was punishing myself with my diet and ‘treat’ myself by over indulging or hurt myself during the intense workouts. While my body responded quickly at first, it wasn’t anything I could maintain.”

 Samantha wanted to join the Real Women Real Results contest to get support during her journey. “Also, having other girls to compete against pushes me and brings out my competitive nature. I don’t like to finish last in anything and I’m not going to start with this contest. But, after meeting the other girls, I realized this isn’t a biggest loser or MTV-like dramatic contest. This is meant to be a lifestyle change, something that can be maintained while building new friendships.”

For more information about future contests or events from bmiSMART and to watch the progress of our Real Women in Houston, follow our Facebook page. Our two winners will be announced April 21 at an event in Houston!