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Losing weight is hard. Why make it harder?

Written by Mandie Caraway

Published on Aug 28th, 2016

Real Women Real Results weight loss contest week 3

Working out twice a week and eating a healthy, reduced calorie diet, these women have made a real effort to change their lives…


working their meal plans into their families’ dinners…

getting a workout in no matter what…

Learning how to shop differently and eat differently.

It’s been work, and that work has paid off.

But here’s the thing, these women are also taking bmiSMART I-REMOVE 3 times a day after every main meal.

And that one extra thing can more than triple their weight loss.

bmiSMART I-REMOVE that produces up to 3X more weight loss (avg. lost first two weeks 5.6 lbs)

No bmiSMART I-REMOVE (avg. lost first two weeks 1.9 lbs)

So, let me ask you.

If you’re going to work hard to change your eating patterns.

If you’re going to get up early for that walk or run.

If you’re going to watch your portions and say no to that chocolate cake.

If you’re going to give your all in your personal training sessions.

Which results would keep you motivated?

Stay motivated. Take bmiSMART I-REMOVE 3 times a day after every main meal.