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It was different because

Written by Mandie Caraway

Published on Aug 15th, 2016

What’s really going on in bmiSMART’s 12-week Real Women, Real Results weight loss contest

Last week, at the top of the Cliff Lodge in gorgeous Snowbird Resort, Utah bmiSMART launched a very different kind of weight loss contest.

It was different because we didn’t pick professional models or body builders but moms and school teachers and busy administrators.

It was different because we selected contestants who were delightfully themselves and who were willing to take those selves seriously.

It was different because we didn’t want women to starve themselves for weeks in order to achieve great weight loss results. Instead, bmiSMART gave them a nutritionist to provide healthy, fresh and delicious meal plans and support them emotionally on their journey.

It was different because bmiSMART believes an active lifestyle leads to a long healthy life, so we provided 12 weeks of personal training, twice a week and group encouragement to stay active every day.

It was different because bmiSMART honors diverse bodies, shapes, sizes and personalities and refused to follow a mold when selecting contestants.

It was different because bmiSMART I-REMOVE, the #1 weight loss seller in Europe, is finally available in the US... and these contestants get to try it FREE.

What do our contestants think of the contest so far?

One week ago I drank like 100 ounces of Diet Coke per day, and maybe a glass of water. Like I'm not kidding. Now it's the opposite!! I have energy again, I don't feel depressed like before, and I am generally a happier person. I wanted to be a part of this contest to win. I never knew how much my life could change in 7 days. THANK YOU #bmismart!” Amy Johnson

“My Be-YOU-Tiful picture taken for the BMI Smart 12 week fitness challenge I get to be a part of!!!! The program is equally beautiful in purpose, approach, participants, partners, and support. Truly happy excited and proud to be a part of this piece of history!” Katy Hancock 

“Real life still happens but it doesn't mean you have to go completely without or sabotage your progress! It's about moderation, choosing smarter, and preparing for the upcoming event!” Jenna Grace

For the next 11 weeks, we’ll follow these women on their weight loss journeys, sharing some of their highlights, as well as struggles, and if you think you can’t do what they’re doing… think again.

Want the bmiSMART Real Women, Real Results weight loss challenge to come to your city? Stay tuned.