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How to hydrate for quicker weight loss

Written by Mandie Caraway

Published on Jul 18th, 2016

Changing your drink of choice throughout the day can be one of the simplest most effective changes you'll ever make. Opting for water over soda or sugary juices can slash hundreds of calories and keep you hydrated, which helps bmiSMART products work even better. To help guarantee your weight loss efforts are as successful as possible, here's a few hydration tips to help you keep your energy high and your weight down.

When you first wake up, drink 16 ounces of water with fresh lemon to hydrate your cells and signal your body to ramp up metabolic function.

Make your own fruit-infused waters. Add a few slices or pieces of any of these into a mason jar, favorite water bottle, or an infuser bottle. You can also make flavored ice cubes with these and add them to water or herbal tea.

  • Fresh or frozen organic raspberries with mint (can add a bit of lime, too)
  • Fresh or frozen organic strawberries with basil
  • Fresh or frozen organic blackberries and thyme
  • Fresh or frozen organic cherries and lime
  • Peaches and a pinch of cinnamon
  • Orange slices
  • Lemon and lime slices (alkalizing!)
  • Cucumber slices

    Mineral water with a twist of lime and fresh mint is also a wonderful summer “mocktail”. You can muddle (mash) a few raspberries for color, or add a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice. Make your drinks pretty and festive looking, and you’ll look forward to drinking them throughout the day.

    Drink the right amount for your body. If you weigh over 135 pounds, the “8 glasses per day” rule may not be enough. Here’s how to find out how much you need: Take your weight in pounds, divide the number in half. That’s how many ounces per day you need.  i.e.; 175 pounds ÷ 2 = 87.5 ounces. If a glass is considered 8 ounces, you’ll need 11 glasses. Keep in mind most glasses now are at least 16 ounces, so it’s not as difficult as it sounds.  

    If you drink caffeinated beverages, they have a diuretic a few ideas for flavored water that are thirst-quenching and actually healthy (unlike many flavored bottled waters).

    Keep the fluids flowing and you're sure to enjoy gentle-on-your-body weight loss and feel refreshed as well! Here's to your healthy weight loss journey!