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How not to blow a year of dieting during 2 weeks’ vacation

Written by Amber Bignell

Published on Aug 2nd, 2016

photo by Lydia Elise Millen

You need it. You earned it. Hey, you’re on vacation, right? Still, there’s nothing like a vacation to blow an entire year of careful planning, calorie counting and working out. The trick is to indulge in small ways while protecting yourself from unconscious (yet devastating) travel eating/exercise patterns. That way, you won’t return with a depressing weight gain along with that tan.

1. Plan activities into your travel 

If your vacation planning consists of scouring restaurant menus with no thought as to how you’re going to get your exercise in every day, you’re kidding yourself. Turn that around now. Plan in 30-60 minutes of movement per day before you even step foot on a plane.

Image by Hanna Stefansson

  • Heading to an island? See if they rent bikes.
  • What trails and walking paths are within a mile of your lodging?
  • Love to shop? Find walkable shopping areas in the locale.
  • Going sailing? Dive overboard for a swim or put fins on for 30 minutes of snorkeling.
  • Planning an overseas escape? Bring walking shoes for those cobblestone streets.
  • Sit-on-top kayaks are an easy way to immerse yourself in your surroundings and stay active.
  • Tried paddle-boarding yet? This amazing core workout is incredibly relaxing.

2. Drink more water

So simple, yet drinking more water can tip the balance in your favor on many levels.

  • Buy your own S’well bottle so you remember to take water with you every day.
  • Tend to drink too much on vacation? Drink a glass of water after every cocktail or glass of wine.
  • Out in the sun too long? Hydrate to shake off headaches and fatigue.

3. Take bmiSMART with you

Because bmiSMART is not a restrictive diet that requires you eat specific foods every day, it’s easy to stay on track while enjoying an occasional indulgence when you take your I-CONTROL Appetite Reducer, I-BLOCK Carb & Sugar Blocker and I-REMOVE Fat Binder every day.

4. Weigh when you get home

If your diet hasn’t been the healthiest, you’ve likely returned home bloated and more than a little dismayed. Before your pedicure wears off, face the music. The faster you accept any weight gain, the faster you’ll get back on track. Also, research shows that people think they’ve gained more than they have, so they delay stepping on the scale. This almost always results in even more weight gain in following weeks.