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How Does The bmiSMART System Of Weight Wellness Supplements Work?

Written by Amber Bignell

Published on Apr 14th, 2016

You’re exercising, eating well and ready to see results. Use this quick article to discover how the bmiSMART system of supplements can amplify the weight-loss results of your healthy lifestyle.

Packaged in convenient, single-serving packets, the bmiSMART system of supplements includes: I-BLOCK, carb and sugar blocker; I-REMOVE, fat binder; and I-CONTROL, appetite reducer. Each supplement in the system can be seen as a weight-loss tool. What tool you use depends on what you eat.

Eating cheese? Take I-REMOVE fat binder and minimize the amount of fat your body digests. Satisfying yourself with a rice bowl? Take I-BLOCK carb and sugar blocker to dramatically reduce the amount of carbs your body absorbs. Worried about late-night snacking? Take I-CONTROL appetite reducer and let the pleasant feeling of fullness keep you away from the chips.


When and how to take bmiSMART supplements

The following list of bmiSMART weight wellness supplements includes suggested dosage and usage.

I-BLOCK: Carb & Sugar Blocker

If carbs or sweets are your weakness, I-BLOCK is your new BFF. Clinically shown to be four times more effective than diet and exercise alone, I-BLOCK prevents the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars from your meals and snacks. *

For optimum weight-loss results, take two tablets with liquid, two times per day—before your two main meals.
To assist with weight management and target rare, tempting treats, take two tablets with liquid—before any meal containing carbohydrates or sugars.

 I-REMOVE: Fat Binder

Love the occasional fatty food? Take I-REMOVE. Clinical tests show it reduces calorie absorption from fat by up to 28 percent and can increase weight-loss results up to three times over diet and exercise alone.*

For optimum weight-loss results, take two tablets with liquid, three times per day—immediately after each meal or snack.

To assist with weight management during the rare indulgence, take two tablets with liquid as needed—immediately after a fatty meal.

I-CONTROL: Appetite Reducer

If you find yourself craving snacks between meals or overeating during meals, I-CONTROL is your key to weight-loss success. When you feel less hungry and eat less calories, you greatly increase your chances of successful, long-term weight loss. How well does it work? Based on clinical tests, 95 percent of subjects who took the active ingredient in I-CONTROL reported feeling moderate to strong levels of fullness. *

For optimum appetite reduction, take two capsules with at least eight ounces of liquid, three times per day—30 minutes before each main meal.

To reduce appetite before big meals or events, take two capsules with at least eight ounces of liquid—30 minutes before a meal.

To reduce hunger and snacking tendencies between meals, take two capsules with at least eight ounces of liquid—between meals.

Please note that due to I-CONTROL’s fibrous bulking effect, for maximum product efficacy, it’s advisable to consume I-CONTROL separately from I-BLOCK and I-REMOVE. Additionally, since I-REMOVE and I-CONTROL contain dietary fiber, it’s best to take these supplements with a full glass of water to avoid any possibility of constipation. Similar to a high dietary fiber diet, increased fiber consumption from I-REMOVE and I-CONTROL may result in temporary bloating or mild stomach distress. These symptoms will go away as your body adjusts to the increased fiber. In the rare event that conditions persist, discontinue use of the product and consult a healthcare professional.


How should I eat while taking bmiSMART supplements?

While there’s no prescribed diet to follow when taking bmiSMART supplements, participants in our clinical studies maintained a nutritionally balanced diet, reduced their overall calories and performed regular physical activities (such as walking or cycling) at moderate intensity. That being said, many of our community members have taken bmiSMART supplements in conjunction with various restrictive diets and adjusted their bmiSMART supplement use accordingly.

For instance, those following an ultra-low-carb diet may not need to take I-BLOCK carb and sugar blocker every day. They may only take it during that occasional birthday party or celebration when they have a slice of cake. Concurrently, those on low-fat diets will not need to take I-REMOVE fat binder every day. Nevertheless, used together, bmiSMART’s flexible and effective system can amplify the weight-loss results of your healthy diet.

With the bmiSMART system of supplements, you have the tools you need to lose weight.

If you have any additional questions about bmiSMART weight wellness supplements, their compatibility with special medical conditions or how to begin your weight wellness journey, please check out our FAQs page, product pages or get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.