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3 easy steps to accelerate your weight loss

Written by Amber Bignell

Published on Aug 1st, 2016

Who doesn’t want to be successful in the weight loss department? But this isn’t some crazy restrictive diet trick. It’s an easy habit flip that results in consistent weight loss success long term. We call it the 20% weight-loss winner.

Here’s how you can turn poor daily habits into weight loss wonders.

1. Identify your go-tos. Do you always order the same thing when you zoom through the Starbucks drive-through? What cocktail do you crave? what's your favorite after dinner snack? Step 1 is to identify those items that you eat or drink again and again. 

2. Select a new go-to that’s 20% fewer calories. That’s right. Only 20%. So you can still have your refreshing afternoon bev, just choose a slightly better option. You can still have a drink before dinner, just swap the tonic for club soda. You can still have that breakfast sandwich, just swap the double-smoked bacon cheddar sandwich for the bacon, gouda & egg sandwich. 

3. Reinforce your new go-to. Habits repeat, so reinforce your healthier choice by selecting it over your previous choice for the next week. 

    Here's a look at just how easy it is to carve away calories. 

    Bacon Gouda & Egg Sandwich is 350 calories

    Double-Smoked Bacon Cheddar Sandwich is 490 calories

    After you've spent a couple of weeks with your new healthier habits, ask yourself whether you even miss that high-caloric, fattier, saltier option. Chances are good that, if you kept your change to about 20%, you don't miss it at all. 

    Now, here's the good news. By changing your daily caloric intake by 20% (assumes a 2400 calorie per day diet), you'll whittle away an 7 extra lbs. a year. So, instead of reaching for that Frappuccino, take a look at the online menu and select your new go-to. 

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