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bmiSMART keepin it real

Written by Mandie Caraway

Published on Sep 6th, 2016

Guest Blogger Jenna Grace

Let's get real for a moment.

I'm a hot, sweaty mess, sore, no makeup, dealing with some breakouts in this picture, and quite honestly it's not my fave, but it's me! In life I'm overwhelmed with my meal plans at the moment, exhausted by my workouts, overloaded at work, dealing with the loss of some friendships, and taxed as a single parent juggling the demands of two teenagers.

Here's the deal though, I'm living my happy! I'm putting in the time to be my best version of myself, so in turn I can be the best employee, friend, daughter, sister, and mother I can be in this life.

Do I follow my meals plans exact? Hell no! I'm picking a couple items and sticking to those things as I make this change a lifetime routine. Am I jonesing to workout every day? Hell no, but my body thanks me and I feel great AFTERWARDS when I do. Do I get frustrated with my workload during my "9-5" or short with my kids still? Hell yes! But I'm finding I'm more engaged in the moment and listening, instead of focusing on and feeling completely out of sorts.

Do I live a happy life in the face of heart ache and stress? Hell yes, some days are better than others tho! Living my happy isn't about a perfect life. Perfection is mundane and I don't do mundane! Life has trials and adversities, joys and laughter, living my happy is about actively choosing to be present and deciding how I'm going to respond to life as it happens.

A lot of my pictures have me holding up no.1, but when I hold up my finger it's me saying "I" am worth it, "I" am putting myself first, "I" am choosing to live my happy no matter what it looks like!

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