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bmiSMART Brings Mindful Weight Wellness Message to the Party in Park City

Written by Mandie Caraway

Published on Jan 29th, 2016

Just like any film fan who wants an intellectually stimulating experience, a dose of glamour, and a whole lot of fun, we understand that the Sundance Film Festival* is the place to be. And so we came to Park City, Utah. And here we have been since opening day. Navigating the happy crowds of film geeks and party-seekers walking the length of Main Street, we surreptitiously keep our eyes peeled for the famous folk who move among us in this charmed atmosphere. 

If you’re a fan of independent films, you may be keeping tabs on the film reviews, the Ubercopter debacle, Bradley Cooper’s doppelganger scandal and streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon’s, aggressive film purchases. We're following all that buzz too. Adjacent to the festival, we have taken up residence in the Toyota Mirai Music Lodge. And we are hosting our own "US premier" for a new brand called bmiSMART™. 

Casey T. Evans

bmiSMART Hostess, Shannon Poses with Green Fairy Actor, Casey T. Evans 

Broadcasting Live from the Toyota Mirai Music Lodge!

As headquarters for the AP Photo Studio and MTV's coverage of the nearby festival, the Music Lodge was a hot place for cool music, celebrity-sightings, and bmiSMART.

Tim Daly

Co-Star of NBC-TV Hit Series Madam Secretary, Timmy Daly Poses with Shannon

The room has a life of its own, as voices hum and people swirl in waves against a backdrop of music beats and clicking cameras. Our hostess Shannon engages visitors at the bmiSMART station in conversations about weight wellness. People get very interested when they hear all our products are plant based AND clinically tested. A line of supplements that is scientifically shown to be effective, without causing harm to the body, holds great appeal. Also, the single-serving packets earn praise. Not surprising. This crowd is always on the go.   

Party Food Glut

With snacks around every corner, gourmet catering and famous chefs flown in from across the globe to wine and dine the refined palates of the rich and famous, the discussion of how to NOT put on weight while enjoying themselves during the festival became a common topic at the bmiSMART station. We explained the merits of the bmiSMART system of supplements to manage weight, help individuals achieve weight-loss goals and assist with the development of a mindful relationship with food. And we found resonance and compassion within a community vigilantly monitored for their fashion sense, sound bites and weight fluctuations.

Penelope Miller

Penelope A. Miller, star of Birth of a Nation stopped by bmiSMART

Posing for pictures and handing out boxes of I-CONTROL™, I-REMOVE™ and I-BLOCK™, the smiles and authentic conversations reassured our team that even the most brilliant and seemingly physically-blessed have a desire to develop a more mindful attitude toward their weight.

Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Edelstein, star of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce on Bravo-TV, poses at the bmiSMART station.

The Right Time and Place for bmiSMART  

A little more than halfway through our residence at the Music Lodge, we know it's the home stretch for the festival. Yet, we are feeling energized. At the end of the extended holiday season, there are New Year celebrations, the last throes of holiday binge eating, and hectic social schedules. And here we are at another glittering occasion, right back in the party! Conditions are ripe for heightened feelings of food guilt and self-recriminations. It's definitely the right time to introduce the concept of weight wellness with bmiSMART. And this is the right place to engage those famous faces we see on Park City’s Main Street, and offer them an intelligent and effective way to manage weight, with gentle, plant-based supplements. It turns out, these folks are seeking tools to help them live healthier lives, just like the rest of us mere mortals. 

By any measure, our launch has been a success. With the second half of the nearby festival in full swing, we are eager to meet more people and empower them to stay on track with their weight-loss goals during this hectic time of film celebration and food temptation. 

Learn more about bmiSMART’s line of plant-based supplements for weight wellness. Click HERE 

*Sundance Film Festival is a registered mark of the Sundance Institute. Neither the Sundance Film Festival nor the Sundance Institute is affiliated with bmiSMART in any way, and there is no suggested endorsement of bmiSMART programs or products by either organization.