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A Pound is a Pound

Written by Amber Bignell

Published on May 16th, 2017

Have you ever heard the common saying, “a pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat”? Well, as it turns out, that is not the case at all. A pound is a pound. If you’re like me, you’ve heard this time and time again from well-meaning friends and family members. It’s likely they want me to feel like I’m making progress when I’m not seeing the scale move fast enough.

Let me show you.

Apples are like muscle. Muscle is denser than fat is. It’s going to take up less space in the body than fat will.



These marshmallows are like fat. Fat is bulkier. It’s going to take up more space in the body than muscle. The pound of fat will take up four times the space that the muscle tissue does!

Although, sometimes I don’t see the scale moving, I am able to see that my clothes are fitting better. Therefore, it’s likely I’m burning some of the fat that was taking up so much space in my body and converting it to muscle.

The point is, don’t let the lack of movement on the scale get you down. And, don’t stress out if you see the scale inching up when you are working out a lot. There’s a good chance that you’re losing inches and gaining muscle. Remember that you’re a work in progress. Healthy weight loss will take time and energy.

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