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7 Spring Cleaning Tips to Support Mindful Weight Loss

Written by Mandie Caraway

Published on May 10th, 2016

To lose weight, root out these “dirty little secrets” hiding in your home

It turns out, 72% of US households spring clean every year. The annual ritual of tidying up your home is a healthy habit that can increase your productivity, clarify life goals, and provide you with a serious self-esteem boost.

And, spring cleaning can be a serious weight loss aid. As you spruce up your home, clean out and clean up these telltale items that could otherwise hinder your weight loss.


1.    The just-right Goldilocks closet

You know they’re in there. Crammed into the back in the closet or stuffed into those high shelves. Too-expensive-to-throw-out items that haven’t fit for years.

They might be too big (reveals a secret belief that you won’t be able to maintain your happy current weight) or they might be too small (is your high school weight really the best weight for the adult you?). Either way, donating those items to a friend or Salvation Army near you allows you (and your items) to live your new present-time life. You’ll be amazed at how free you’ll feel once those items are out of your closet.

2.    The pantry that turned into a bunker

If your pantry is so crammed with canned goods and cereal boxes that you can’t see what’s lurking behind the front row, you‘re not alone.

Many of us use food (even uncooked, canned food) to create security, safety and a feeling of abundance. Yet disorganization can turn otherwise healthy food into depressing clutter. Pull it all out and stack like items with like on your kitchen counter. You’ll see just how many cans of soup you have and that many of your items have already expired. Once you’ve sorted, it’s time for the toss. What’s next? Professional organizer Marla Dee suggests investing in some shelf stackers (and using the back of the pantry door, if you have one) so that you can see all the items in your pantry. Here’s a before and after that illustrates just how worthwhile this spring clean can be.



3.    The fresh fridge

A spring-clean must is the fridge. Haul everything out, wipe it out (where does all that mess come from anyway?), then discard outdated and crusty items. Move comfort foods to the back and fresh foods to the front. Pair healthy snack items together, like your apples and almond butter. It’s also fun to switch opaque containers for glass. When you see your stored leftovers, you’re more likely to eat fresh. Yum!

4.    Medicine cabinet makeover

Bathroom cabinets draw grime and hair like a magnet. When items like combs and brushes lie horizontally on a shelf, they take up considerable space and quickly make a mess. This season, prop them up in fun containers and get makeup under control by inserting drawer organizers. A little sprucing may help you take back control in other areas of your life as well, like your eating habits (I-CONTROL, anyone?).



5.    Anchors that hold you down and hold you back

It’s time to take a look at floor space. File boxes stuffed under your desk? Baskets and bins on the floor of your bedroom? Shoes piled three deep in the entryway closet?

Studies show that items at floor level can psychologically anchor you in the past—dramatically affecting your present. Getting boxes and baskets off the floor and onto a shelving unit (even if it’s only a couple of inches off the floor) can lift your spirits and help you feel that moving forward is indeed possible.



6.    An inspiration board revival

Just how old is your inspiration board? We love inspiring photos, quotes and aspirational items, but just how long have those magazine cutouts been up on your wall? Freshen your board to freshen your perspective. Blogger Lauren Nelson’s tips on creating inspiration boards will help you find one that suits your style and lifts your spirit. We like tip #3: Go Big or Go Home.


7.    Bed linens that boost body image

Renew your bed. Renew your lust for living. Love being in your own skin again when you indulge in a new set of soft, silky sheets, like these from Peacock Alley. While cotton sheets get softer with many washings, other fabrics don’t wear as well and white sheets often become dingy or reek of bleach. It’s time you let lovely linens help you feel lovely again.