A Smarter Way to Achieve Weight Loss

A Smarter Way to Achieve Weight Loss

Every day, 45 million Americans diet to lose weight. Collectively, we spend $62 billion each year on products to help us. And most of us do lose weight. But within one year, about 70 percent gain it back. And within two, a whopping 98 percent of them will weigh more than when they started.

We spend our precious time, effort and money pursuing lifelong healthy weight. So why does it elude us? So far, research hasn’t identified “the one” program that works well for everyone, but it has provided clues. The USDA funded a study comparing several well-known diets, tracking weight and other health metrics over a year. At the end of the day (or year in this case) researchers found it didn’t matter which diet participants followed. Only that they followed it all year, and reduced overall calories. But those on “extreme” (as opposed to “moderate”) diets were less likely to achieve this and more likely to drop out. Authors noted the importance of calorie restriction programs that don’t “conflict with one’s natural affinities for specific allowable foods.”

It seems the best strategy for permanent change is the one YOU can adopt without feeling disrupted or deprived.

In this light, the problem is clearer. Weight loss solutions don’t reflect the way we live. Many involve artificial stimulants that can harm over time. Others are too strict or complicated. In reality, nobody sustains a regimen they can’t easily practice day-to-day, let alone on special occasions or in unexpected circumstances. But when the things we love naturally supersede absolute compliance, we feel guilty and discouraged. Here’s where I-REMOVE comes in. We aren’t a diet (but we can help you stay on track). We don’t have magic pills (but they’re pretty darn good). We do offer a new class of customizable, flexible tools for losing extra pounds, or maintaining your success, as a valuable addition to your diet and exercise plan. Our products represent the best health-technology available with beneficial compounds from nature-based ingredients and rigorous clinical testing for safety and effectiveness. Though our products are new, we feature the same ingredient technology as the #1 weight-loss product in Europe for the last four years. We’re excited to bring it home. Thanks so much for your visit and your interest. Please make yourself at home. Stay awhile. We’re glad you came.

I-REMOVE Fat Binder Weight Loss Supplement
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Healthy Weight. The Mindful Way.™

Designed to be taken before, during or after meals,
I-REMOVE’s healthy innovative supplements engage you in the practice of “mindfully” choosing, then using the most effective “tool,” based on the real foods you plan to eat each day.

You tailor your supplement use based on the “meal moment” and your desired weight-loss or maintenance results. Moreover, you stay “mindful” of your eating choices from “meal moment” to “meal moment.”

Mindfulness Means:™

Conscientious thinking before, during and after consuming meals and snacks

Being aware of the sourcing, processing and nutritional components of the foods you eat

Seeking a greater understanding of your food consumption patterns and behaviors

Pursuing effective tools and information that help you maintain your healthy lifestyle

Staying engaged and supporting yourself in the momentary decisions that form the composition of your weight wellness journey

Plant based weight loss formula

In short, it is the active process of being aware of your daily food choices while making the corresponding healthy decisions that will allow you to enjoy lifelong weight wellness.